Your Neighborhood Homeschool Counselor

"Where Community Meets Service"​​

​Fees & Additional Information​

YNHC provides Direct and Indirect Services to advocate and support all students guided by the ASCA National Model:    

Direct Services

Group Activities​​—planned activities outside the home promoting academic, career, and social/emotional development; including college tours and workplace tours

Individual Student Planning —assist student in evaluating interests, college readiness, job readiness, deschooling, mock interviews, abilities, skills and achievement

Responsive Services—Individual or small group counseling; planned, short-term, student referrals, classroom guidance, remediation planning, and goal focused counseling

Crisis Response—provide support and assistance to students and families as they navigate crisis and emergency situations

Indirect Services

Consultation—share strategies supporting student achievement with parents, teachers, other educators and community organizations

Collaboration —work with other educators, parents and the community to support student achievement

Referrals—support for students and families to community resources for additional assistance and information

Fees & Additional Information

Services provided by Your Neighborhood Homeschool Counselor are for an hourly rate per group or individual session:
Hourly Rate-   $50 an hour per session 

Services with YNHC are individualized based on the needs of your child or educational setting.